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Have you heard about the Government’s updated Patient Controlled Electronic Health Record/ My Health Record? It is now possible for all of your important healthcare information to be available to your doctors (specialists, and hospital doctors included) in one place online - even if you are travelling interstate!

It is a secure way of making sure all of the important information healthcare professionals need to ensure they are providing you

We at Gwynneville Medical Practice have recently acquired new equipment to unblock ears using suction - that means we no longer need to syringe or use other techniques to clear troublesome wax.

 This is a service previously only available at ENT specialists, at a cost of hundreds of dollars to you! Call us on (02) 4229 2422 now, to book an appointment with Dr Mark to start hearing better today!

Are you, or someone you know aged 70-79? If so, you or they are eligible for the new “Shingles vaccine” (Zostavax). For anyone who has experienced the pain associated with Shingles, you will be relieved at the news that it can be prevented!

For more information on the vaccine, call (02) 4229 2422 to book in at Gwynneville Medical Practice for an appointment now, as the supply is limited!

New patients are welcome at Gwynneville Medical Practice

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220 Gipps Rd
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